Selling your home with us

Simple Process

The sale process when you sell your home to us is generally mush simpler than that normally seen when selling using estate agents. We will take care of all the paperwork for you. There are no mortgages, and viewings to worry about.

Quick Completion

Because we buy directly from you with cash, this cuts out a lot of the waiting times associated with waiting for mortgage approvals, waiting on your potential buyers to complete the sale of their own house, surveys delays etc. A failure for a successful completion of any one of these steps can quite easily halt the process and the seller is forced to start all over again.. This does not happen with a cash sale.

Fast Home Sale - Sell Quick

Guaranteed Sale

The fact that these steps are not required for a cash sale means that you have a sale pretty much guaranteed, As soon as we agree on our offer in principle, we start the sales process right away. We will agree a timescale with you and if you want the sale to be completed quickly, we will work to get the sale closed within days.

No Estate Agent Fees

Because we are not estate agents, we do not charge an sales commission on the sale that we agree with you. This can amount to a substantial saving, especially if the price of your property is high.
Fast Home Sale - Sell Quick

Houses of all conditions bought

One of the biggest headaches of a seller when selling using traditional methods is t make sure that their house is in a presentable condition. A house in a bad condition will mean a virtually impossible sale. If you are selling to us, however, the condition of your house will not have to be of a high standard. We generally buy houses in most conditions, so you don’t have to worry about spending valuable time and money renovating.

Nationwide Purchase

We buy houses throughout the UK, so whatever your location, we can get a sale agree with you quickly.

Houses Bought